1970s Disco

Throw the Ultimate Disco Party

Step back in time to an era of vibrant colors, iconic flared trousers, and bold hairstyles with Feel Good Events Hire's 1970's Disco Party Theme. Channel the energy of the '70s and ignite an electrifying atmosphere that promises non-stop fun. Let the nostalgia flow and make your event an unforgettable blast from the past!



$2.00 / night

Create Your Own 1970's Disco Party Theme

Decorating this theme is a breeze, whether you're into dazzling disco glam or vibrant colors. Don't forget the iconic mirror ball! Feel Good Events Hire is here to guide you in choosing the best decor and setting up your rented equipment. And for the ultimate groove, consider hiring a DJ or Band from our entertainment options. With so many classic '70s hits, your party will be an absolute blast!

Check out everything we used to bring this awesome theme to life!