Travel Back to the '80s!

Take a rad journey back to the '80s with vibrant decor that'll have your guests grooving all night! Feel Good Events Hire has got you covered with awesome 1980s party theme ideas. Get ready for a neon-fueled dance party complete with smoke machines, strobe lights, and mirror balls. With its bold and lively vibe, the '80s theme is a surefire hit and guarantees endless fun!

Pink Boom Box

Boom Box Prop

from $120.00 / night
80s Neon Sign

Neon Sign - 80s

$100.00 / night
wooden rubiks cube prop

Rubik's Cube

$200.00 / night


$2.00 / night
Fluro Discs

Fluro Discs

from $9.00 / night
80s DJ booth

80's DJ Booth

$300.00 / night

Create Your Own 1980's Themed Party

Feel Good Events Hire has everything you need to recreate this awesome party theme. Use neon discs, glow furniture & props, and neon tulle to deck out your space. An Illuminated dance floor is also a must for creating the perfect party vibes! You'll also need plenty of party and mood lighting to create the ideal atmosphere.

Check out everything we used to bring this theme to life!