Make Your Party Wild!

Hosting a themed party that you want to take to the next level? Our life-like Animal props will get your guests talking and create excitement at your event. From jungle animals to enchanting rabbits, the options are endless!

basket rabbit ceramic

Basket Rabbit

$40.00 / night
Dinosaur - Brontosaurus

Dinosaur - Brontosaurus

Call for pricing / night
large dinosaur prop stegosaurus

Dinosaur - Stegosaurus

Call for pricing / night
Triceratops Dinosaur prop hire

Dinosaur - Triceratops

Call for pricing / night
lawn flamingo pink plastic

Flamingo Prop

from $2.50 / night
fox prop


$50.00 / night
honey coloured ceramic rabbit

Honey Rabbits

$15.00 / night
moss rabbit large

Moss Rabbit

from $1.00 / night
realistic owl props

Owl Props

from $20.00 / night
trio rabbit stacked

Rabbits Trio

$30.00 / night
Leopard Animal Prop


$195.00 / night
Crocodile Large Animal Prop


$150.00 / night
echidna prop hire


$60.00 / night
elephant with curled trunk


$180.00 / night
Giraffe Prop Hire


$110.00 / night
Kangaroo Prop Hire


$180.00 / night
koala animal prop


$50.00 / night
lion prop hire


$180.00 / night
sabertooth tiger prop hire

Saber-Tooth Tiger

$180.00 / night
large tiger prop hire

Tiger - Large

$200.00 / night
medium tiger prop hire

Tiger - Medium

$180.00 / night

Bring Your Themes to Life

Whether you're planning a Safari-themed adventure, a magical enchanted garden party, or anything in between Feel Good Events Hire's animal props will take it to the next level! Check out our Lions, Tigers, Rabbits, Owls, and more.