Party Lighting

Create the Perfect Party Atmosphere

Get ready for a party experience like no other with Feel Good Events Hire's mesmerising Party Lights! Party Lighting is the key to infusing movement and energy into your event space, enticing everyone to hit the dance floor. No matter your event or theme, party lighting is an absolute must to create an atmosphere that is fun, exciting, and unforgettable!

Blue Laser Party Light

Blue Laser

$45.00 / night
Circus LED Party Light

Circus LED Light

$45.00 / night
Cosmos LED Light Spot RGB Party Light

Cosmos LED Light

$50.00 / night
Cubist Wild Tech RGB Party Light

Cubist Light

$30.00 / night
cubix LED Light RGB Party

Cubix Light

$45.00 / night
freedom stick RGYB LED

Freedom Stick

$60.00 / night
GIGBAR party lights

Gig Bar

$80.00 / night
haze machine melbourne hire FGE

Haze Machine

$60.00 / night
kaleido wild tech party light green and purple projection

Kaleido Light

$40.00 / night
orbiter wild tech party light hire

Orbiter Light

$40.00 / night
Radius LED Party light red light

Radius LED Light

$45.00 / night
Red Laser Party Light Hire Melbourne

Red Laser

$45.00 / night
LED Strobe Light Party Light Hire

Strobe Light

from $30.00 / night
LED Swarm4 Party Light red green melb hire

Swarm4 LED Light

$45.00 / night
UV LED Panel Melbourne Hire

UV LED Panel

$40.00 / night
UV LED Slimbank

UV LED Slimbank

$50.00 / night
UV lighting package

UV Package - 1

$350.00 / night
FGE UV party package 2

UV Package - 2

$540.00 / night
FGE UV Party Light Package 3

UV Package - 3

$585.00 / night

Party Lights Made Easy

Choose from an extensive range of party lights, specially curated to suit your event and theme. As one of Melbourne's leading suppliers of party lights, we take pride in making your next event shine like never before!

Get ready to light up the night - explore our Party Lighting selection at Feel Good Events Hire and let the party begin in style!